Watch me take a bath

Ramit Sethi · September 22nd, 2014

The amount of emails requesting to see me take a bath is mounting quickly. Last I checked, it was approaching the thousa–wait, damnit. I can’t seem to find any of those emails. I swear I remembered those.

Today I’m sending you 5 links you might find interesting. But first…

Ramit takes a bath

(ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge)

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What I’m reading

  1. Outstanding post for people in debt. My friend Jesse Mecham of YouNeedABudget lays down the law. People in debt won’t like hearing this, but he’s right.
  2. Look how big this moose is. I have a bizarre fascination with animals, especially since I don’t like dogs, cats, or any pets, and plan to lie to my future kids that I’m allergic so we don’t have to take care of any. But the sheer size of this moose defies comprehension. Mute this horrible music before you play. More animal links.
  3. “The ruder the salesperson, the more sales” — for high-priced goods. Very provocative look at snobby high-end salespeople. When this happens to me, I love it. I wrote about why in my experience buying high-end candles.
  4. How to become a morning person. Another provocative article on how quickly you can change decades-long behaviors. After going camping for a few days, “Essentially, everyone became a morning person.”
  5. One of the best articles on productivity comes from chefs. Organize your life like a mise-en-place (“putting in place”). This technique alone has made me hugely productive.

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