Video from my appearance on the CBS Early Show

Ramit Sethi · April 15th, 2009

I’ve been in New York for the past few days kicking off the media tour for the book. More posts to come soon, but I thought you might want to check the video of me at the CBS Early Show this morning.

If you guys want, I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what a media tour is all about. But for now…

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  1. Anonymous Coward

    ramit….u were looking so hot in that video…god damn it why am i not gay

  2. Stephanie PTY

    That’s a nice segment! We’re all really excited to see you do well with this book – I guess we readers like to be able to say, “Oh yeah, I knew Ramit when…” 😀

  3. Why can’t this woman read the title of your book without inserting extraneous words? I Will Teach You to be Rich does not equal I Will Teach You HOW to be Rich!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Annoying, but good job you for not biting her head off. I would have. 🙂

  4. jmmmy d

    that article about personal finance start ups is great…especially with what is going on with this crisis as of late.

  5. Yeah Ramit!! That was good

  6. Manish Chauhan

    Yeah .. personal Finance start up is a great Idea , I am going to start one soon in India .


  7. I have been following your Blog for months…. Though I have been doing most of it, but I still like the innovative ideas you come up with.
    “Negotiate like an Indian” – I don’t feel cheap anymore, asking for a discount anywhere 😉

  8. Damond Nollan

    Congratulations! You did an outstanding job.

  9. Marvelous

    RAAAMMMIIITTT!!!! That was a good job on the video…I hate that the lady kept saying your book was called “I will teach you HOW to be Rich” she is messing up your sales, hopefully new buyers will see its spelled differently. You are a Blessing man…

    I,m a big advocate of the mantra “Each One,Teach One” So as I was on the line with a CS rep for my cell phone I told here about your “Record of Service Calls” spreadsheet and she was floored and thought that was an awesome idea. I recommended your site and Book to her as well and I could tell she will more than likely buy it.

    I wish more minorities, mainly African Americans would take your advice because we are some of the most Un-educated people finance wise. Thanks My man you are a blessing. Hopefully by teaching us to be rich you become rich $$$ in the process…..

  10. Frugal Fundamentals

    You should have worn your pink shirt! Love the clip! Loved the book! Passed it on to a friend who REALLY needs it!

    Good job!

  11. Ramit you’re becoming full of yourself bro.
    Congrats on the book, Yes it’s a great achievement, but how about some humility.
    but bro you’re exploiting yourself way too much?
    How about getting back to focusing on the theme of your blog i will teach you to be rich!
    after all the publicity this blog is not the same.

    i’m still a big fan of your blog and book!

  12. RAMIT
    congrats on everything. Dont listen to my last comment. i’ve been following you for a long time and you’ve came a long way!

    GO RAMIT!!!

  13. Brian M

    Damn her for always adding “HOW” to your title. Only if she took one second to read the title of the book in her hand.

  14. Moneymonk

    Nice Ramit, You are now officially an pf expert

  15. Great spot Ramit – you are the best! I’ve always done fairly well for myself, but you have helped me tighten up my family’s finances. And with your book, I was able to convince my older brother that I do indeed, sometimes know what I’m talking about and there are other “real people” who can back me up on what I’m saying. You’ve effectively provided myself and others with not only personal finance information but something even more important; greater personal confidence.
    You’ll do well – but you already know that.
    Thanks again – :o) -k

  16. Abdullah

    The spreadsheet mentioned in the first guy’s case…Is there anywhere I can get a good spreadsheet like that to help me track my monthly expenditures and figure out where exactly my money is going?

    I am 30 years old, earn in the 60k range and have ZERO savings :(.

    • Ramit Sethi

      There are like a billion budget spreadsheets online. Google for “budget spreadsheet.”

  17. Abdullah

    Thanks Ramit. I really enjoy your blog and the book is definetly on my amazon wishlist 🙂

  18. Erica Douglass

    Hi Abdullah (and others),

    I posted my budget spreadsheet online per request. It’s called “The 10-Minute Budget”:

    It’s just one of many, but it may help you if you find budgets intimidating.


  19. Awesome job!

    “I Will Teach You HOW to Be Rich” LOL! And she did it TWICE!

  20. Devin Reams

    Nice work, Ramit. Keep it up. I can’t wait to learn HOW to be rich. 😉

  21. Someone needs to teach her HOW to read.

  22. Ramit,

    I just wanted to let you know that once you turn 30 you’re gonna have to ditch the Converse All Stars…lol.

  23. CelesteTheGreat

    I’m glad to see your media tour is doing so well. Hopefully the next person will get the title correct. Your book is changing my financial life and I love it! Good luck with the rest of your media tour

  24. Jason Clements

    I am so glad I bought your book. What is the ROI on a $7.67 book purchase that will now save me $1680 / yr? That’s $50/mo on cell phone bill; $10/on home internet; and $80/mo on credit card. The CC phone call was awesome (I negotiated like an Indian) – I asked about 12 times and FINALLY and MAGICALLY a lower APR appeared on her screen. Thank you and much success to you Ramit!

  25. Your idea of seperating your paycheck into envelopes came up on another blog “Getting Rich Slowly”…who originated this idea? Are we copy-cats now?

  26. Atlas@mymoneyshrugged

    Very nice segment! I am well on my way to being rich! Keep up the great work

  27. brian spiker

    Awesome man! Keep it up!

  28. Steve O

    The envelope idea isn’t exactly “patent-worthy”, but Ramit doesn’t take credit for it anyway; he just promotes the technique.

    BTW, great book! I love your writing style.

  29. Michael

    Damnit. I’ve been wasting my time reading ‘I will teach you to be rich’. If only I had picked up ‘I will teach you HOW to be rich’, I’d actually be rich. I also love how they start the segment with, ‘he insists it’s not a scam’ Way to instill confidence CBS

    oh well, you did great. nice segment Ramit!

  30. Ramit,

    Your a financial badass, i’m proud of you.


  31. J.Chu |

    Well, the lady did a mistake on “HOW”. But, she does not perfect.
    I am sure people would not just seek for her mistake.
    What people WANT is HOW the show and the book CAN help them improve.

    Sometimes, we are as a writer or advisor not trying to be copycats, we just feel a method works,and people should give a try.

    We need to learn from the best to be the best, don’t we?

  32. Prakriti

    Hey – did I see you a bit nervous when you first came on…thats a first!! later you were the same ol’ Ramit. congrats, like someone else said…sure can say “I knew Ramit before he went on to become….”

  33. Prakriti

    Like to see you on “The daily show with Jon Stewart” Any appearances????

  34. This is better than that bit you did on WPLR the other day. I don’t think they got the point of this.

  35. Good thing you’re handsome and sharp looking. Sorry I keep commenting on your “looks” but it’s true. You wouldn’t be as successful if you looked like a fat, unshaven, sloppy mess. Good thing you’re smart as well.

  36. Great job Ramit! I will be making some phone calls to negotiate some of my bills today. Thanks for what you are doing!

  37. Excellent Ramit…obviously Maggie Rodriguez has a ton of info to read about each morning, but mispronouncing the title TWICE is unforgivable. I’m almost done with your book and I’m recommending it to everyone as financially illiterate as I (was), easiest, funniest book on personal finance ever…love the bit on page 165 about how all fights should be fought. BTW if you ever need someone to translate your book to Spanish at a great price think of me,

  38. Nice job. It only just occurred to me that I’ve been mispronouncing your name to myself this ENTIRE time I’ve been following your blog.

  39. Nice job, and I hope you have a great time on the media tour!

  40. Jonathan Man

    hahaha! I love it!!! Ramit is a genius!!!

  41. happybuela

    I’m 55 and still have lots to gain from your book. I gave my half-read copy to my son & daughter in law, am buying another for myself, thanks so much for a fantastic book! And yes, I’m irritated @ her mis-reading your book title, too. Inexcusable for a journalist. (I think it has a different connotation with the extra word, thus their lead-in regarding whether or not this is a scam. They are not paying attention to your message!)

  42. Wow, great interview! You come off much more friendly in videos (this one and the Suze love story one) than you do in print. Just like me – I may write acerbically at times, but I’m nice in real life.

    I keep hoping to hear the sexy fake Indian accent, though.

  43. Back to Basics

    Ramit, while I respect your new found success and congratulate you to the fullest on your book, you seem to slipping away from what got you here. Straight, honest financial advice. I keep checking back here and there are no new posts and if there is one, it seems to be heavily focused on your book. Please get back to the basics.

  44. Doctor S

    Good work Ramit. Congrats on the book. Nice to see desi’s getting some well deserved pub aside from the movie Slumdog! What is cooking on the back burner now?

  45. good job 🙂 my boyfriend and i have been taking turns reading a chapter at a time, so we will both be on the same page (oh zing) of what we should be working on 🙂

  46. Danielle

    I really liked the real world examples in this piece. Much more effective than just sitting there talking about your methods!