Twitter posts: paying $90,000 of student loans in 10 months

Ramit Sethi · August 31st, 2011

Each day, I post short insights on about psychology, testing, personal finance, investing, the best links I’ve found, and stupid people.

You won’t find these on my blog.

Here are a few of my favorite recent tweets:

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“No More Harvard Debt”: Follow one person’s attempt to pay off $90k in student loans in ten months: Aug 30 14:25:12 via Timely App


Finally!! A dog I would actually want: Aug 02 17:31:13 via Timely App


Although I hate most non-profits & animals, here’s a great story of ASPCA commercial w/”virtually unimaginable” results: Aug 05 14:35:45 via Timely App


Fascinating article on what Heidi/Spencer say about their time in reality TV: Aug 11 16:14:21 via Timely App


How much does it cost to make a hit song? Aug 12 15:19:06 via Timely App


Just used a new IWT system to help someone get their dream job – from beginning to end. Can’t wait to show you how it works. January 2012.Thu Aug 18 19:28:31 via Twitter for iPhone


Very interesting comments on people who are lazy and know it….why they turned out that way, and how to deal with it: Aug 24 13:17:25 via Timely App

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  1. Kristal

    Wow, that last one is really powerful.

    • Charles

      Damn, Ramit. I’m with Kristal. That last one really shook me tonight. I wish I’d seen it 20 years ago. I even joined reddit to share that sentiment and add my two cents. Maybe it’s what I needed to stop READING your blog, but doing something with that information.

    • Ditto. Thanks for that link, Ramit. It was enlightening.

  2. Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder

    Alright – it worked. I just followed you on Twitter. I’m a sucker for a dog carrying pizza. 🙂

  3. I saw that Reddit link when Ramit originally tweeted it. Spurred me to get “The Now Habit” and I’ve been listening to it in my car. Very helpful.

  4. STRONGside

    Your second link is a great example of why a Harvard MBA is worth every penny. Sure, the guy has 90k in debt but he is smart and motivated enough to realize that debt is crippling him, and make an educated effort at paying it off. My hats off to him.

    • Ha, sitting here on my third day of Harvard Business School, I am one side nervous myself about the massive debt load (although mine will be lower than his), but on the other side wondering if he has gotten so used to some luxuries (i.e. having 2 cars and a motorcycle) that he is struggling to somehow “make it” on a +100k job. The formula is very simple to eliminate that debt, and it all gets back to lifestyle inflation, something that I can see will be very difficult to fight here (many of the students are from investment banking, hedge funds, top consultants, etc. who all made +100k before business school).

      All I know is that I did the whole “pay off the college debt” once, and this is just a scalable version of that, with bigger numbers. I’m not sure I would be as aggressive as he is being (extremes work sometimes, not often), but to each his own.

  5. The top comments on the last link are really good. Partly explains why my brother is living at home playing WoW. Not only was he praised for being smart instead of putting in effort, but on top of that, he was praised for not needing to study/work hard to do well on tests in school, plus a parental fear of any failure.

  6. Million dollars+ for a hit song? Ramit wouldn’t agree on that 🙂 I thought recording costs were at a all-time low these days.

    The last link is indeed interesting.

    Thanks Ramit

  7. Yikes! A million bucks for rolling out a song?! I almost feel bad for all of those times in the past when I copied a CD instead of buying it. Almost…

    BTW I’m going to follow you on Twitter, just keep dishing out the useful information.