The news from IWT: May 2015

Ramit Sethi · May 29th, 2015

You’ve heard me say it before. A Rich Life is about more than just money.

This month on the IWT blog, we covered how to travel more, painlessly save money, stay motivated, select the perfect TV show to watch, and raise your prices — all part of a Rich Life.

May was a busy month for IWT so today, I’m going to highlight some of the best posts in case you missed out.

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Post of the month

Travel around the world (the math to actually make it happen)

With summer right around the corner and vacation on a lot of your minds, I asked “What’s your dream vacation?” Then, I did the math to show you exactly what it would take for you to have your a dream vacation (with examples) this year. This can be applied to ANY goal — check out the 150+ comments for examples of dreams becoming a reality.

On the personal front, here’s what I’ve been up to lately

I took a class on making Mad Men Cocktails:

Putting the finishing touches on my drink


Let’s just say I have a new respect for bartenders, and the drinks were awesome. Speaking of drinks, I got to meet up with Steve Kamb, the founder of NerdFitness, for a couple rounds in NYC.

Day drinks w/ @stevekamb. Awesome guy. Check out his site, NerdFitness A photo posted by Ramit Sethi (@ramit) on

Great to finally hang with Steve. Super nice dude, and a business hero of mine


And earlier this month, I wished a very special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. After raising my siblings and me AND teaching elementary students, my mom will finally retire as a teacher this year. She’s earned it. And I’m thankful every day for what she’s taught me.

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom, who taught us the value of hard work and never giving up. She and my dad got married 7 days after they met. When she moved to the United States, it was a whole new culture for her. She tells us that she always knew she wanted to raise successful children. And we saw how much work goes into it…like painstakingly teaching us to read, cooking multiple meals and doing multiple loads of laundry every day, packing lunches when we took family trips, and attending every soccer/tennis/karate/track event. After raising us for decades and teaching elementary students, my mom will finally retire as a teacher this year. She’s earned it. And I’m thankful every day for what she taught me. Questions to ask my mom: – How did you do it? – What should a new parent know? – Who was your best kid?

A photo posted by Ramit Sethi (@ramit) on

Mom taught me the value of hard work and never giving up.


Just like my mom is proud of me, I’m proud of YOU, my students. A couple of of my Zero To Launch graduates, Felicia and Bushra were both recently featured in Business Insider here and here. Nicely done!

Happening on the blog

My “must-see” on TV list
I shared 5 of my favorite TV shows & movies. What? You’re surprised Millionaire Matchmaker made it on my list? Don’t judge — some of yours were equally as trashy.

How to make money online (w/ step-by-step instructions)
This free step-by-step guide on how to create a successful online business and make money online is the single, best free resource on the topic of online business I’ve put together so far.

How to work from home
Working from home is a dream many of us have — and it’s more realistic than you think. I show you exactly how to find an at-home job that makes real money (no MLM scams or sales jobs needed).

3 counterintuitive secrets about earning more
One of the first things we ask ourselves when we want earn more money is, “What would anyone pay me for?” Find simple ideas that can generate over $50,000/year and find clients that WANT to pay you.

How to charge for something you love to do
Yes, business is work. But it should also be FUN. If it’s not, then what’s the point? Learn how to find premium clients even in “low-paying” fields in this 90-minute interview with photographer Chase Jarvis.

How to motivate yourself
Most of the stuff motivational “experts” teach you is total BS. I dig into the truth behind how motivation actually works. Then, we go into the tactics that’ll help you get — and STAY — motivated so you can accomplish your goals.

Save $1,000 Challenge
This month, 10,000+ people signed up to take the Save $1,000 in a Week Challenge. It’s closed now, but if you sign up, I’ll let you know next time it opens up.

Many people saved hundreds of dollars in just the first few hours.

Save 1k1111She saved almost $700 on the first day!

You can see all the success stories of people who paid themselves an extra grand (or more) this month on the Facebook event page or hashtag #save1000 on Twitter.

From the IWT Facebook Community

A sad lesson in winning
Find out the brutal truth little Ramit learned after winning the spelling bee.

The debate got a little heated
50+ commenters answered when I asked how best to respond to a question I get almost daily from readers.

How did things go for you this month? Brag about your biggest wins in the comments below.

May was awesome, but we have even more exciting things coming your way in June, including a new, HUGE way we’ll be giving back to the community — like nothing we’ve ever done before.

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