The book is 10 days away — watch for AWESOME stuff next week

Ramit Sethi · March 13th, 2009

Next week is going to be awesome.

My book comes out on Monday, March 23rd, ten days from now. In preparation — and to show you that it’s not yet another boring personal finance book — I invited about 500 people to pre-order the book and join a private community. Here’s what you guys did in a few hours:


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That was about a month before the book even comes out.

For the last few weeks, the pre-order people have been working through the chapters together, sharing what they learned and how they book helped them manage their finances. You’re going to be amazed to see what they did.

Plus, I’ll release a ton of excerpts from the book, do a live webcast, and answer as many questions as you have. And make fun of some of the stupidest comments I’ve been seeing online.

This is all next week, so stay tuned.

If you’re not on my newsletter, consider joining now. In addition to the blog posts, I’ll also be sending special members-only content to my newsletter subscribers throughout next week.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dane C.

    10 days away! It’s interesting then that Amazon shipped me my copy over a week ago… Hope that doesn’t cause too much trouble. Well produced book, though. Congrats, Ramit.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Nah, we just had a few lucky people get it early 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words about the book.

  2. I was browsing the personal finance section of our local Barnes & Noble this morning when a clerk slid 6 of your books on the shelf next to me. i grabbed one and started reading. I’ll only had 15 minutes, but was impressed with what I read.

  3. Karen Kuklinski

    Ramit -I bought the book within minutes of getting your e-mail invite and never got any of the information on how to access the private community. I sent the Amazon receipt to the right address 2x. I am part of your Scrooge list (which I love) so I think that is why I was invited to buy the book early. I received the book 1 or 2 weeks ago! I really want to work through the chapters with the others who pre-bought the book….Karen

    • Ramit Sethi

      Karen, I’ll make sure you get an invite right away. Looks like the email went out to you, but it may have gotten stuck in your spam folder. Sorry about that — we thought we got 100% of the emails, but we’ll make sure to fix it and get you in.

  4. Mauricio

    Hey Ramit! I´m anxiously for the book I order! I can bet it will be as great as your website =)

  5. MoneyEnergy

    Congrats – I will probably order it. How can I follow you on Twitter? Can someone link me up @MoneyEnergy.

  6. I have mine preordered! I cant wait to get it!

  7. Alexandra Levit

    Hi Ramit, sounds cool. Can you share some more details about the private community and how people are “working through the chapters together?”

  8. florence bivens

    I also ordered, and have received ) your book, also sent off receipt to join “community” and have had no response yet. Please get me in?

    Question for you: Capital gain rate sunsets in 2009 or 2010? Would you sell beaten down assets to avoid a higher low now), or would you wait for gains to all come back and then be taxed at Heaven only knows what tax rate we’ll have to support all the “stimulus, Tarps, retarps, restimulus” that comes at us in the next year or two???

  9. Mark H.

    Hi Ramit,
    I was also one of the lucky ones who received the book a week or two ago. I have already finished it and started implementing a number of your recommendations.

    Over the last 9 months I have personally reduced my debt by over 50k (It is possible if you really want it), I am now only one credit card and one loan away from being debt free (3 more months). Luckily, I was guided into establishing a 401k in my early 20’s, earning the full employee match. However, I never invested in IRA’s or any other funds. I am looking forward to getting started.

    I will be recommending your book to many of my friends who are interested in taking control of their finances and future retirement goals.

  10. Hi,

    I was reading you book and I couldn’t reproduce some of your calculations.

    It’s Smart Sally and Dumb Dan example from page 5.

    Basically I cannot get the same number neither for Sally nor for Dan. Instead of $348,856 and $271,879 I get $201398 and $150,029 respectively.

    Could you provide more details on the calculations?


  11. Writer's Coin

    This is awesome Ramit! Congratulations and I can’t wait to read some of the reviews for it.

  12. I got the book yesterday (early Easter present!) at The Coop in Harvard Square. It’s great! I can’t wait to get started!

  13. Wait, the book is not suppose to be out yet? I saw like 3 copies on the stores shelves at the local Barnes & Noble. Congrats by the way!

  14. is this book going to be available on kindle? (if not, why not?)

  15. Trevor @ Financial Nut

    Wow. Congrats. 🙂

  16. Byron Woodson

    Jumping the gun . . .

    I was in my local Barnes and Nobles like ekrabs and also saw three copies of your book. I was looking for a web-programming book so I didn’t buy it, but it looked great. I’m rather new to your blog so I can’t compare it to the blog itself, but i was at least entertained by what i read.

    Fantastic job.

    What i really liked is that it didn’t feel/read like a kitchen-sink approach with thousands of sound-bites. Instead, it felt/read like a book from someone who has a coherent message, not just a lot of information.

    Fantastic job twice!

  17. Nabil A.

    Hey Ramit, I just bought your book after reading your wonderfully written and entertaining intro. You will be proud at how I financed the purchase of the book. Recently I cleaned out all the loose change in my house/car/wherever else (pennies on the street even 😉 took it to Albertson’s and had Coinstar count the change and spit out a free gift card with no charge. I used that gift card to purchase your book. So how about that…I purchased a personal finance book, using loose change that most likely would have gone squandered on something frivolous. I’m off to a good start already!

  18. Hey Ramit,

    Is there any ebook version of your new book? I would order that format rather than paper 😛