So…I love studying human behavior

Ramit Sethi · July 26th, 2013

If you’re interested in learning about the psychology of human behavior — specifically in business — I want to share 2 examples with you in this email.

Then, I invite you to come see me, plus masters of human behavior like BJ Fogg, Derek Halpern, and Marie Forleo, sharing techniques we’ve never revealed on mastering psychology in business at BehaviorCon.

Check this:

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Why I don’t show you a full list of my courses
Every week, I get helpful advice from 20+ people, who tell me I really should list all my courses out and let people join.

But there’s a reason I don’t allow you to directly join my courses. Last week, I got an email from an IWT reader who excitedly asking for a way to join my Dream Job course. To illustrate why I don’t allow people to join, I decided to actually let her in the course.

I sent her a direct link to the course and said, “You can join here.”

Here was her response:

Can you spot the red flags in this email? There are 3. This reveals precisely why I don’t allow people to join my courses directly (especially my flagship ones).

Why I don’t offer webcast replays
Every time I do a webcast, I get hundreds of comments/emails pleading with me to offer them at different times, or at least offer a recording. “I live in Spain!” they cry. “Give your European readers a chance!”

So I did it. I offered a replay of my webcast to see what would happen.

Result: Tepid attendance and nearly non-existent number of people joined a new course I opened up.

Sometimes, people will loudly ask for something…but when you give it to them, they don’t value it at all. Knowing how to listen to what your customers claim you want vs. what they REALLY WANT is one of the key distinctions between successful companies and failures.

The power of understanding human behavior

These examples aren’t just about running an online business.

I believe understanding human behavior is THE most critical skill you can develop — more than being great at Excel, or Ruby, or any tool.

Psychology is why I don’t recommend budgets or cutting back on lattes, advice that “experts” believed for decades — simply because they didn’t understand human behavior.

What if you could understand the psychology of how people act? How would that help you in business?

FOR ENTREPRENEURS: If you’re an entrepreneur, you’d know how to grow your customer base, give your clients amazing service, and know what they WANT vs. what they NEED. You’d know how to deal with demanding clients, clients who don’t pay, and even white-glove clients who you want to provide amazing service to. You could save hours and hours every day by knowing precisely what would build your business.

FOR EMPLOYEES: If you work at a company where you’re responsible for marketing, customer service, or even collaborating with other co-workers, imagine how much power you’d have by understanding the psychology of the people you’re serving. Knowing these key insights of human psychology would be like a secret potion you keep with you always — using it ethically and strategically.

Introducing BehaviorCon, the first conference on the psychology of business

I’m co-hosting a new event next month where I’m bringing together the world’s best psychologists, marketers, authors, and experts to share their cutting-edge insights on human behavior and the psychology of business.

If human behavior is interesting to you — and you know it could help you grow your business/career — here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to take cutting-edge findings in psychology and marketing, and APPLY them to growing your business and spreading your ideas
  • Real “field reports” from the very best marketers and psychologists, including Stanford and Harvard instructors, as well as multi-million-dollar marketers
  • The key insights of why we buy, why we spread ideas, and how to really implement specific persuasive tools and techniques

If you’ve read books on behavior change and psychology, this is your chance to meet the people who WROTE the books — and learn exactly how to implement them for your specific challenge.

You’ll also get the opportunity to meet world-class speakers and other attendees who have all focused on psychology, marketing, and behavioral change.

BehaviorCon will be August 23rd and 24th in Stamford, CT, just a quick train ride outside of NYC.

Here’s the link — and since it’s approaching fast, this is the last full email you’ll hear about it:

Again, if you’re part of a company and you’re trying to grow your number of customers, sales, or revenue — whether you’re an employee or a founder — you’ll learn valuable insights here you cannot find anywhere else from world-class speakers.


P.S. – If you’re an employee, this is an outstanding conference to convince your boss to let you attend. You’ll get to learn insights you can bring back to your team, and you’ll become more valuable as someone who understands how human behavior relates to marketing — a skill you can keep with you forever.

Learning how to master the psychology of human behavior has been the single-most important determinant to my professional success. Here’s the link again:

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  1. melissa danielle

    YO! I was having this EXACT conversation with a friend/colleague yesterday! I shared this post with her and she said she felt like you were eavesdropping, lol.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Andrea

    Would LOVE to attend!! All incredible influencers in my life and growing business.

    1. Will there be a way to purchase a web-cast to the event?

    2. Living in Northern California, what is the most-similar event we would have here in the are that anyone would recommend attending?

    3. Thanks for bridging the gap between psychology and success of any sort.

    As a blogger, author, and entrepreneur in the FITNESS industry, I have found TREMENDOUS value from your entire collection of work that most people would deem “unrelated”.

    Thanks for it all Ramit!


    • Ramit Sethi

      Sorry, we’re not offering a webcast/replay for this event. And I’m not aware of any other event like this!

  3. Smart Children

    HI Ramit,

    Consumer behavior is one of the most interesting topic during my uni days. Understanding how human thinks, making decisions really opens up my mind to another world.

    Great post!


  4. Adam Roseland

    Sounds like an unbelievable event. Im a huge fan/student of human behavior, and would love this. Unfortunately, Im going away for the wife’s birthday, and the first lesson I learned in behavior is don’t skip the important moments with family, or you will be dealing with the consequential behavior for years 🙂

    Hope its a great event, and that you plan more in the future. Or, at least offer a dvd for those that can’t attend.

  5. Hi Ramit! I have bought my ticket and would like to know what the exact schedule is..?

  6. Adam @ MCD LMS

    I’ll try to get in on the next webinar. your material are always top notch learning experiences.

  7. Charity Aryee

    How can I study with u