Recent Twitter posts: Credit score, tipping, credit cards, elasticity of toilet paper

Ramit Sethi · December 10th, 2008

Every day, I post micro-blog posts at Usually it’s quick stuff — sometimes personal finance-related, sometimes not. Here are a few of my recent ones:

  • @AndieSpeak I dunno, I just use MyFico for $10. Or try It’s about the price of 1 lunch! 12:24 PM Dec 5th from web in reply to AndieSpeak
  • Search term that just brought someone to my site: “elasticity of toilet paper” 1:05 PM Dec 2nd from web
  • ramit Other emails I love: “Sure, I can do that” & “Yep, done” 5 minutes ago from web
  • ramit Just got an email from my researcher that started with “Okay, this should be right.” I LOVE THAT INTRO 6 minutes ago from web
  • How did freecreditreport get on my list of advertisers? I hate freecreditreport — superscammy. Just canceled the advertising relationship. 9:34 AM Nov 19th from web
  • If you decided to skip, check out gift certificates: about 3 hours ago from web
  • Seeing Bond movie tonight in SF…but first, Indian food. I just tell my friends to shut up and let me order for everyone 2:13 PM Nov 14th from web
  • Btw, I don’t want to use Amex. I don’t care how good the rewards are, if I can’t use it at 100% of places, I’d rather have a Mastercard/Visa about 23 hours ago from web
  • Looking for someone to review personal-finance books on Anyone interested? 5:51 PM Nov 17th from web
  • Will be volunteering at today. If you’re around, drop by 11:33 AM Nov 16th from web
  • What’s the best business credit card? Any recommendations? about 24 hours ago from web
  • Heysan is a piece of garbage ( Despite praise, it auto-spams your AIM list if you click 1 button. Never use it. 3:56 PM Nov 14thPeople get really mad when you tell them to sell their pets 9:13 PM Nov 12th from web
  • Do you guys tip for takeout? 10:10 PM Dec 8th from twitterrific

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  1. Well, if you have no love for AMEX, which I think you should reconsider, perhaps try the Citi Professional Cash Card (MasterCard).

    “Earn 3% cash back on purchases made at restaurants, gas stations, certain office
    supply merchants, and auto rentals. Earn 1% cash back on other purchases.”

  2. Sra of Bunsnip Fame

    I, for one, think that twitter is lame. People pick stuff out of their teeth and feel like they have to tell everybody about it. Who cares? But then maybe I just don’t understand this generation of people who constantly have their noses glued to their blackberrys and iphones.

  3. A good website for checking your credit score without being penalized is

  4. I can review personal finance books. I’m a fast reader and a decent writer and I have probably read most of them already.

  5. I love using AMEX. If a store or restaurant doesn’t take AMEX, I don’t go back. I also tell them as I am leaving.

  6. Awesome. I’ve never heard of Kiva until now. Initially, I was going to ignore this post (sorry), but I’m glad I didn’t. Kiva gift certificates will be a great gift for some of the people I’m buying for this year.

  7. beachmouse

    I wouldn’t go near Citi right now for a credit card. They’re right in the middle of doubling everyone’s interest rates, cutting a bunch of people’s credit limits in half, and then cancelling other people’s cards if they’ve determined that the cardholder isn’t using them enough according to some algorhythm.

  8. beachmouse,I don’t think it is accurate to say Citi is doubling everyone’s interest rate and cutting their limits in half. I’m not sure I would apply for a card if I wasn’t going to use it at least annually, otherwise, what is the point? Credit scores take into consideration how people use their available credit also.

    I really never consider interest rates when using a credit card. I always pay my balance in full every month and keep a sufficient cash reserve in an emergency fund for those “unexpected” expenses. I do have one 7.99% fixed rate card from Chase that I keep around as a back up to that emergency fund in case I ever do need to carry a balance.

  9. Max Higgins

    Bank of America and Mr. Higgins missing $millions, It can happen to you, my fellow Americans

  10. I could review finance books. I’ve already started reading and reviewing some on my site, so check it out for some examples.

  11. phillygrrl

    Ditto on the reviewing books part!

  12. I saw your comment about big skinny’s web site. While it was a bit of a pain, it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t order. Thanks to you, I found a replacement wallet. They were quick in sending it and its perfect. I will agree that finding your cart after you put something in it was a royal pain.

    The train-wreck effect works again 🙂

  13. I have read tons of personal finance and investing books, and could review them. I love helping other people save and invest.

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