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Ramit Sethi · March 4th, 2009

I post 2-3 times/day on Twitter, sometimes about personal finance, sometimes about psychology/marketing/other stuff I think is cool.

Some recent posts:

On AMZN pages where Kindle edition is available, Kindle sales represent > 10% of book sales. Bezos on Charlie Rose: — 12:35 PM Feb 27th from web

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Guy owes more than his house is worth. Should he walk away? Comments are fascinating: — 12:48 PM Feb 12th from web


My issues w/ American Idol this season: (1) Not good at singing, (2) Not good songs yesterday, (3) Most importantly, where are the hotties? — 1:03 PM Feb 26th from web


I hated investment banking before it was popular — — 11:54 AM Feb 27th from web


THIS IS SO COOL — Oregon Trail ONLINE: — 4:18 PM Feb 27th from web


I emailed my publisher some news. Their response: “That’s def. the first time an author has emailed me with the first word being OMFG.” — 12:07 PM Feb 25th from web


Watching Marc Andreessen on Charlie Rose. Some unreported insights in just the first few minutes. — 4:39 PM Feb 20th from web

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  92. This is my very first posting. I was inspired to post today because my sister is a teacher for a public high school in Central California with a high proportion of minority students in a socially-economically challenged geography. I hold a strong interest in personal finance, and we often talk about cool projects to inspire her students who are college bound.

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