New in 2010: Video office hours

Ramit Sethi · January 4th, 2010

I’m trying something new.

A lot of you have asked for more live video sessions and more rapid Q&A, not just on personal finance but entrepreneurship and social psychology. These are fun for me since I can mock people and tell dirty jokes.

So each Wednesday, I’ll be holding 30 minutes of video office hours, where I’ll cover a quick topic on psychology, entrepreneurship, personal finance, etc. Then I’ll take Q&A on whatever you want.

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If I drink a lot beforehand, sometimes the white board comes out

The first one is tomorrow: I’ll cover the psychology of barriers when it comes to earning more money — and how you can crush them. Plus Q&A.

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  1. Douglas

    Will this session be recorded? Ahh i hate working at nights.

  2. Chris Wilkie

    This is a fantastic idea, thanks a lot for this insight Ramit

  3. J.D. Meier

    On personal finance, what are 3 things you learned that you didn’t expect?

  4. I’ll be there! I love how you keep finding ways to get us active rather than passive! 🙂

  5. I’m definitely interested in tomorrow’s post. I’m trying to increase my freelance income and looking at becoming more effective and efficient with my time.

  6. I like the idea of the Q&A afterwards. I’ll see if I can stay up past my bedtime for it!

  7. What can I do to get out of cosigned credit card debt when the person I cosigned for skips out on payments?

    A few years back, I cosigned for a medical credit card for a friend. Nearly three years later, my ‘friend’ has not payed the $1000 balance off, letting late fees and over the limit fees send the amount up to nearly $1500.

    When I checked my credit report last month, I saw that he was four payments behind. We have had a falling out, and he has basically said f*** you and now I am stuck dealing with the debt.

    I tried speaking with the creditor to see if I could get a lump sum settlement and they said they could get it down to about $1000 if I paid it off immediately but I am literally out of money. I have been unemployed for the past 6 months but I have started a new business – I just don’t have any money coming in yet. I could maybe pay $300-$500 towards the debt right now.

    I know they also have a hardship program, where the interest rates are lowered ($40 over the limit fees remain) but I really would like to pay the debt off and be done with it ASAP. My credit history has been much improved the past 4 years since I automated all of my bill payments This is the one big black mark for me now.

    Please help!

    Thank you!


    • Ramit Sethi

      Unfortunately, Marc, there’s not much you can do. I’m sure people have already told you why you shouldn’t co-sign for others, so I won’t go into that. What you need to do is earn more money so you can pay that $1,000 off and get on with your life. Starting a business is tough at first, so I might also consider taking a part-time job.

  8. Will you be recording this? It makes it much easier to watch for those of us who can’t watch then.

    • Ramit Sethi

      I don’t know if I’ll record it. If you’re interested, please try to make it.

  9. Credit Card Chaser

    Can’t have all of those dirty jokes staying up forever on the Internet if the video is recorded 🙂

  10. Jay in CA

    Hi Ramit,

    This is an awesome idea. My question is about what to do with debt. I currently have approximately 130k in debt. 100k is from student loans for school and grad school and the other 30k is credit card debt which was used a few years back, when I suddenly got sick to pay, for doctors, medicines and basic life expenses when I was unable to work.

    I have a great job now making 80k a year but my cash flow is crippled between paying off loans and my monthly credit card, rent and utility bills. After my fixed costs, I only end up, after taxes, with around 400 free dollars to live/spend/save. Thankfully, I am on top of my finances and track every penny spent, and don’t really waste any money, but if I could find a way to consolidate debt or do something with it, I would end up with an extra 2000 a month which I could be investing and saving or living off of.

    What do you suggest I do?

  11. How do you know if being an entrepreneur is right for you?

  12. i’d like to hear what you advise Jay in CA.
    also, any advice for an “ahem” friend who has a poor credit rating, including large student loans.

    ALSO: being self employed, any advice for keeping more of
    our gross income. better to be sole proprietor or better to “inc.” ourselves?


    looking fwd to some new jokes…LOL

  13. Hi Ramit,
    I am from Spain and I have known your website while learning English, thanks to a blogger called Monica.
    Anyway…I want to start my Mary Kay business as I hate what I was doing before (I was working as a administrative), plus I have always wanted to have my own business and working for me.
    Could you comment if you have ever heard about Mary Kay and what is your opinion regarding this MK business?


  14. Hi Ramit,
    I’m a huge fan of your blog and really look forward to reading your latest and greatest posts.

    I have a full time job which I really enjoy and also do some consulting (data analytics) on the side for clients I used to work with at previous jobs as well as employers I used to work for. The work pays well and my repeat-business “traffic” % is high, but the work is is rather sporadic.

    My problem is I don’t know where to start in finding and marketing myself to potential clients. I’d love to do more consulting work to grow my income.

  15. Can you cover the initial steps to getting over negative thinking patterns that are barriers to getting things accomplished? I’ve gotten to the point where my only barriers are the ones in my head. I know this, yet they are still there. Any suggestions?

  16. Wow Ramit that’s really nice of you to offer that, at no cost even. I look forward to sitting in in on these!

  17. Lucas Starbuck

    Thanks Ramit this series sounds invaluable – will be scheduling this in my calendar as a must-attend! Perfect timing for someone like me on the cliff, ready to dive off!

  18. Hi Ramit! Your book is wonderful! I am compiling a “life library” for each of my 3 sons when they get older on topics that I believe are “must reads” for a successful, happy life & yours is definitely at the top of the list!!

    This may really be a “make more money” question, but I will ask it here anyway. I have been a successful very full time Realtor for 15 years, at times earning 6 figures (not so much lately). I am extremely good at what I do, but the hours involved and the intensity of the client demands are costing me dearly in terms of precious time spent w/ my 3 children (12, 7, 3) who will only be young for a short time. I am getting started in internet marketing, but am also considering some type of career change that will make for more income with less round the clock work commitment. I have a B.A. in Economics, so I feel that simply switching to an office job for a flat salary may be underselling my skills and knowledge. With 3 children on a school schedule, 9-5 is also not ideal. Flexible time that is not all the time (like real estate is) is better for my circumstances. I am considering some type of consulting. I could fill in more info, but I don’t want to drone on. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thank you so much!


  19. hey ramit,
    i’m a commercial artist and a lot of my friends are jumping ship for different careers. i don’t want to give up on my career just because of a recession- but it’s getting harder and harder to find work. should i jump ship and get a job i hate or keep at it?

    cool video office hours idea 🙂

  20. paurullan

    Wow, I was waiting for the video and realized that I was on the wrong hour: 19:00PST is 04:00 CET! Too late for me, I hope you record it.

  21. paurullan

    @CC: I know I am not Ramit but if I were you I would take the thumb rule of leaving your job: do it if you feel like it _and_ have money saved for living blank during at least four months.

  22. does this mean we finally get to see the $400 shirt?!

  23. Rebecca

    I just finished the live stream and loved it. I stumbled across your site a week ago and now check it daily. I enjoy your no nonsense attitude. I to have a low thresh hold for stupidity. Not knowing is one thing and readily fixable but knowing and refusing to act not so much. If the things we learn here helps us great, keep reading and learning. If you are to arrogant to admit they could help shut up and let the rest of us benefit from what we can.Thank you Ramit and please continue to do what you do.

  24. Sheridan

    Thank you for doing the live stream, Ramit. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one. I also signed up for you know what. Keep up the great work!

  25. Two questions:

    1.If an old credit card account is closed recently, is it worth it to open it back up, since u’d have a longer cc history with that card than with a new one? Which is better for your credit score?

    2. Savings account – best to open a high yield or use a program like Smarty pig or something?

  26. I’d like to know where you can get an 8% return these days.

  27. Hi Ramit
    Any advice for immigrants who would stay in the US for 5-10 years? How they should invest their money?

    Thank you

  28. Wow, this is in every repecst what I needed to know.

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