Live webcast this Saturday on entrepreneurship, writing, mentoring

Ramit Sethi · April 30th, 2009

The webcast is over. I’ll put the clips up at soon.


This Saturday I’m joining up with Ben Casnocha to do a webcast on entrepreneurship, writing, and mentoring.

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A couple weeks ago, I did a webcast with Tim Ferriss. Here’s a sample:

How to build traffic and readers

See more samples here

Details of webcast this Saturday

  • When: Saturday, May 2nd from 12pm – 1pm Pacific

  • Where: Here — refresh on Saturday at 12pm and a live video box will appear
  • Ask your questions: Please submit your questions beforehand by leaving a comment. We’ll do live Q&A, but these questions will let us be sure to answer as many as possible. (Note: SPECIFIC questions get answered, but and vague, broad questions get mocked mercilessly)
  • Problems: If there are problems with the video on Saturday, Ramit will update everyone at
  • Will it be recorded? Yes, the recording will go up on a few days after the webcast

Leave your questions in the comments, and see you Saturday at 12pm Pacific!

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  1. Doug Lance

    Hey Ramit,

    Love your blog. You are really creating great value here.

    I am 19 years old. What should I do with my life? Just kidding! 🙂

    I’m a writer. What did you do to stand out from the pack to your agent? Was your query focused on credentials or content? Did you even query or just meet the agent for some drinks or a meal and shoot the breeze?


    Doug Lance

  2. Matthew Gartland

    Hi Ramit:

    Just finished your book. Brilliant stuff. Cheers!

    Regarding long-term investments, specifically index funds vs lifecycle funds, I’m curious which path you have chosen for yourself. In the book, you clearly seem an ardent advocate for lifecycle funds. Yet, you obviously possess a deep and pervasive knowledge of asset allocation, investing “rules”, etc. which leads me to think you could likely pick a wicked portfolio of your own.

    Is there any value (or added value) in having both – a lifecycle fund plus an index fund(s) in your long-term investing portfolio? How about multiple lifecycle funds (e.g. one Vanguard and one T. Rowe Price)?

    All the best,

  3. Greetings,

    I am in grad school and am going to be on the wrong side of six figures in debt once I get out. How do you suggest someone in my position balance debt and investment when the debt is going to be such an exorbitant amount?

  4. Priest Willis

    Hey Ramit –

    I am a big fan and I’ll soon be out of debt personally.

    I’m the owner of a computer business (online only) where we build custom computers, sell brand name software and really try to me meet any request a customer may have when it comes to computers.

    Question: I’m in no way interested competing against bigger companies like Dell or even newegg, as a matter of fact I try to use
    them to my advantage. My niche however is selling custom computers, how do I brand this and sell considering it’s a very competitive market, a down economy where some are less likely to buy computers and when you’re on a shoe string budget. Thanks in advance!

    Warmest Regards,


  5. I would be extremely grateful if you would add subtitles to your videos. Subtitles are a tremendous help to me and to others who are hearing impaired. I have thoroughly enjoyed the parts of your message that are accessible to me, and am hoping to be able to understand your videos going forward. Thank you for considering my request. Continue expanding your message, your suggestions are fantastic and I love the fresh perspective that you have brought to the genre. Best, Ann

  6. Charlie

    Here are my questions:

    Ramit – How can I keep my shirts looking new and remarkably crisp? This Downy Wrinkle Release is pretty good, but there has to be another way!

    Ben – If I’m single and ready-to-mingle, what’s a good pickup line that doesn’t end with “Have you seen my blog?”

  7. Suzyn

    Here are my questions:

    a) I really want to start a business with my husband. But we have two young sons – there’s no way I’m going without health insurance. Can you give some advice on finding health insurance for a family of four?

    b) I loved your negotiation scripts in the book (loved the whole book!). Can you please give a script for asking someone to be your mentor? My mind goes blank, and then I start channelling Mr. Rogers: “Would you be, could you be, won’t you be my mentor?”

  8. Richard Brian Penn


    I enjoyed seeing your videos on Tim’s site (and commented over there too). I know that Tim advocates leaving comments on other well respected bloggers’ sites, but I wanted to get your take on increasing traffic and just overall getting more traffic to your website.

    Also, there seems to be a lot of buzz about SEO’s right now. Could you elaborate more on that in layman’s terms?

    Thanks for considering my questions,

    Richard Brian Penn

  9. Janice Plado Dalager (Asians Don't Do Therapy)

    Hi, Ramit and Brian –

    Thanks for this webcast. I’m looking forward to being overloaded with all the wisdom tomorrow!

    Here’s my question: You’re both prolific AND effective writers. How do you manage your time for producing content as well as editing? (Do you spend much time editing at all?) Do you use a voice recorder and a transcription service?

    It doesn’t seem like either of you do this, but there are some writers who are really great at re-hashing their old content in a way that looks new, and what do you know – you have another blog post. Is it a menthod you use or agree with?

  10. Bob Beresh

    I am the creator and producer of a new DVD for preschoolers about airplanes, titled YAY! PLANES. Hosted by Argyle and Jim, two socks who live in lost luggage, we learn about shapes on an airplane, our ABC’s with the original song, “Letters on an Airplane”, and fly over farms, fields, lakes, and houses.
    We have had some measure of success directly marketing to my immediate network, mom blogs, and pilot supply stores. We have a distributor to libraries and schools, which has been our biggest customer thus far. I have just signed with a bigger distributor, but orders have been flat.
    My question is this:
    How do I reach beyond the marketing and sales plateau which we have reached to build greater awareness and sales?

    If you want to take a live call and use this as a case study during the webcast, shoot me an e-mail. I’d be happy to follow-up.



  11. Elliot

    I have a few questions:

    My 401K is invested all in stock mutual funds, aggressive. I have a limited number of funds and most of the funds in my portfolio have high fees. Do you have an suggestions?

    I have a Roth IRA, but it appears to be a dog, if I move, which type of fund should I try to move it too (Index, if so does Vanguard have the best funds in your opinion?)

    What do think about completely going online for banking?

  12. Malcolm

    On Writing –

    Did you have most of your book written before you talked to an agent/publisher or did you just have a couple chapters?

    What is most common for an unknown author, should you try and have a book complete so they know you’re serious or should you show them early work to get feedback on things like marketability?


  13. Jolly

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve got a good job and I currently have about 50K in savings $20K cash and 30K in FDIC insured CD. I am sick of earning 4-5% return on my money. My current CD is going to mature in mid 2010. At this moment I want to experiment investing in something that offers better reward. I would like to invest about $10K somewhere. I have been looking at some stocks and this stock and after reading some reviews on the internet it looks like that BioShaft Water Technology, Inc. (BSHF) shows a lot of potential. What’s your take on this stock? I understand that it’s nearly impossible for anybody to comment about a particular stock but all I asking is that what do you think about BSHF. What other investing strategies would you recommend where I could continuously keep investing money to get high growth. I can easily afford to invest about $10k every six months.

    Thanks in Advance

  14. My own questions revolve around law and entrepreneurship.
    I have interest in starting a yard maintenance business where I connect landscapers and homeowners. I am only the middleman and am seeking to minimize my liability. However, just because 2 parties sign a sub-contracting agreement does not mean the agreement will be upheld in a court of law. How do I get my business going and not start out in the hole with lawyer fees since I have yet to make a penny from the business? Or is my thinking narrow-sighted and should I be ready to fork out lawyer fees to start my business?

    If the questions above are not selected, then I would be interested in hearing the following topics discussed.

    – What did you do to stand out from the pack to your agent? (Comment #1 above)
    – Priest Willis’s post (Comment #4 above)
    – Health insurance + a script for finding a mentor (Comment #7 above)
    – Producing content for blogs (Comment #9 above)
    – Case study for Bob (Comment #10 above)
    – Completing a book prior to getting it published (Comment #12 above)

  15. Bernice

    How do you find a publisher for a book, once you have written one?

  16. the weakonomist

    Looking forward to it. What live stream will you be using?

  17. sfordinarygirl

    My company is cheap. They won’t pay for any seminars or training. So I pay on my own. I’ve learned a lot about additional services and areas our software could provide value beyond data. How do I approach my boss about some of these ideas and possibly get compensated for attending these programs?

    I’d like to start my own music full-service booking agency. How do I approach an artist who has clearly stated he wants to expand his audience but needs help? I don’t have experience but have a couple of contacts to help him get started.

    I’d like to bring my friends and people in the community over for dinner. The last “party,” I organized fizzled out after an hour. What would you suggest to keep the momentum? Board games? Selective guest list? I’d like dinner to be about exploring different cultural foods and a discussion like the Junto Ben shared on his blog about friends.

    My last question: Your blog has advocated taking action rather than doing. I want to start a regular food serving in my neighborhood park. I would leave food next to their sleeping bags or just offer what I have. Would you recommend I continue doing this until I’ve built a “trust,” with these people or try something bigger?

  18. sfordinarygirl

    So much for last question.

    What system or method do you use to manage your network and contacts? I’m using a spreadsheet and color coding but wanted to find a more efficient method for tracking each person’s interests. I like sending interesting articles with personal messages but it’s impossible for me to keep track of who’s who.

  19. Koey Ziqi

    Hello Ramit. Thanks for providing practical and applicable advice on finance and entrepreneurship!
    I’ma senior year university student from Singapore, a place where people are averse to starting businesses!

    My Q:
    What are the considerations for starting an online business that sells an information product (like Tim Ferriss reccomends) as opposed to providing free information on a blog before attempting to sell knowledge and know-how?

    Koey Ziqi

  20. Chris Sanders

    Hey Ramit,

    I have a startup non profit that I’ve just gotten off the ground. The goal of the non profit is to provide scholarship opportunities to students from rural areas who are pursuing a career in computer technology, with some more broad long term goals.

    Do you have any recommendations on finding funding sources for this? We are targeting IT companies and are writing grants, but I’d love to hear any advice you have on finding funding for non-profits.


    Chris Sanders

  21. Robby Hipp

    I have a mentor in mind. How can I communicate the value I can bring to him in a mentoring relationship? He is reluctant to engage in this type of relationship… I think he believes it will be “one-sided”.

  22. Kim D.

    I think I have a good idea for an online business. However, I have no training in this area and do not know anyone knowledgeable to bounce my idea off of to see if it is even viable.
    Is it possible to get investors with just a well thought dea and a business plan?
    Where do I start?
    Do I have to worry about someone stealing my idea if I discuss it?
    Is SCORE (Senior Corps of Retired Executives) a good asset?

  23. Christopher Chris

    Hi guys,

    Being twenty somethings, how do you go about getting people to value your expertise?

    thanks a ton

  24. Subraya Mallya

    Ramit, Big fan and practitioner of most of your ideas.

  25. Chris @ BuildMyBudget

    Excellent help! Thanks,