I’m hiring a Content Curation intern

Ramit Sethi · August 26th, 2011

I’m looking to work with a Content Curation Intern for an upcoming I Will Teach You To Be Rich project. The Intern will be responsible for identifying, tagging, and organizing content, often being required to source that content himself/herself.

For example, I might say “I need some testimonials from women who used Earn1K to make money selling art.” The Intern would then be responsible for going to my Earn1K list, getting the testimonials, tagging them (“women,” “art,” “testimonials,” etc.) and organizing them in a system or database for us to use when needed.

The intern will be working directly with my senior staff and me, and will learn marketing and business techniques I don’t share publicly.

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-Must be a self-starter and resourceful.
-Should have in-depth familiarity with IWT content (blog, books, products, etc.).
-Experience with the following helpful but not required: Basecamp, Dropbox, Amazon S3, content tagging.

Time requirements
-Timeframe: About 4 months, from now until January.
-Time commitment: About 5-10 hours per week.
-Interns can work from home on their own schedule.

-Pay is $15/hour.

Application Deadline
-Tuesday, 8/30, at midnight PST. Sorry, no exceptions.

How to apply
Please fill out this survey

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  1. Hey Ramit, aren’t you going to give applicants a little hint as to how to land the gig? 🙂

  2. Even if you’re not interested in the position, there’s a lot to be learned from studying the application questions.

  3. Now, about the $15/hr compensation… we can discuss that in a minute, but first, let me show you something I’ve prepared **reaches into briefcase**

  4. Reading this survey is fascinating. I am going to write my own answers for this.

    IMO, applying for a graduate job seems to be much easier now! I think it’s the fact that top firms don’t ask questions *quite* like this makes me giggle. At least Ramit will be able to make a speedy decision.

    The thing that really strikes me isn’t related to the difficulty or specificity of the answers required, more that answering properly requires serious higher level thinking *and* practice – and yet, unless I’m much mistaken, any bright young graduate could do this intern role, but their lack of practice/preparation may end up doing them a disservice.

    I like it, however, that Ramit is clearly raising the bar. This seems like a job, were I available, that I’d not only want to do, but would enjoy applying for!
    Good luck to those who apply!

    • James Lett III

      I’m very curious myself as to how many people will NOT apply due to the barrier of the survey, and more specifically, the level of critical thinking and practice, as you put it, that answer it requires.

  5. Khaiyong

    My strong suspiscion is Ramit’s not really looking for an intern… He’s looking to see if anyone is actually learning and applying his hustling techniques 😉

  6. Ethan Jones

    I just applied. Thanks for the opportunity, Ramit.

    • Manisha

      do u work as content curator? I need one for my new website project. contact me

  7. Ramit! The survey is closed and it’s 1137! Isn’t the deadline midnight?
    🙁 🙂

    • Manisha

      hi khady,

      do u work as content curator? I need one for my new website project. contact me

  8. When & how will notifications be sent to applicants?

  9. Lessons from hiring a new intern

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