Here are the winners of the free-book giveaway

Ramit Sethi · December 12th, 2008

Last week, I did my first webcast. Don’t worry if you missed it — there will be more.

More than 200 people watched (for 2 hours!), and in exchange for them showing up on a Saturday morning, I said I’d give away a free book to anyone who left me an awesome comment on this post.

Here are the winners:

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NEXT STEPS: I’ve arranged to send you a book for free. You should get an email from Charlie Hoehn (who is great — if you are looking for someone to hire for video/marketing, he’s your man) who will help send you the book. Here’s a list of books to choose from.

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  1. akbar rasheed

    Ramit LOVE the website man! I hope you do another webcast, so I have a chance to get a free book. I would of tuned in but the wife and I were out interviewing a financial consultant. What a shady industry were going FEE ONLY, since I’ve found out the hard way it is the only way to go to get and unbiased opinion without a conflict of interest . I would love to hear you speak to what you think about financial planners/consultants and how to navigate through all the ones who just want to sale you financial products with high commissions. It would be great to speak to this because it can be tough out there especially with so many that are just sales people.

  2. I won? Neato! Time to check out some books.

    But speaking of signing up for Scrooge Strats (in my previous post) I never received any conformation from your end. I got a notice from clickbank though so I don’t know if it was just because I signed literally as you were ending the webcast or what. Probably should have just emailed you, but hey while I’m here.

  3. Green Panda

    Thanks for the podcast and the contest!

  4. Cool giveaway! Your generous spirit is inspiring.

  5. Excellent of you to giving away free stuff, it seems everyone these takes want only to receive.